6 June 2021

Good morning and I hope that you have managed to enjoy something of the good weather over the last few days.  We are looking forward to welcoming everyone in Years 7 to 10 back tomorrow at the usual time for the final half-term of this most unusual school year.

A few practical reminders:

COVID testing:  We all know that the number of cases is rising again and that our area of the UK is a particular "hot-spot".  Whilst being aware that all testing is voluntary, please can I strongly echo the message from Lancashire County Council and Public Health England that students should have a lateral flow test at home today before returning to school tomorrow to ensure that we do everything that we can to halt the spread of the virus.

COVID safety:  The rules for schools have not changed so please ensure that your son or daughter has a face mask and a spare (unless exempt), a pack of wipes so they can help to ensure their environment is secure, and all the equipment (stationery, books, food...) that they need.  We cannot lend equipment so it is really important that each student has the equipment that they need otherwise they cannot learn properly.  The list is, as always, on the website and packs can be ordered in the usual way.  No changes there.  We will be in touch with you if your child does not have the correct equipment for learning.

Uniform:  As we move towards normal operation I advised at the start of this half-term that we were going to be tightening up on uniform so please, if your son or daughter tries to leave for school tomorrow with additional piercings (nose, tongue, multiple earrings etc...), jewellery, false nails, trainers or other non-uniform items please discourage them strongly as is it will not go well for them when they arrive!  We will be in touch with you if your child is not in the correct uniform.     

Attendance:  Our Attendance Officer, Mrs Gorrill, has a message for everyone at the start of the new half-term:  "To ensure your child attends school regularly, and on time every day, they will need to be organised! Are they getting enough sleep? Have they set an alarm so they don't miss the bus? Have they got all of their equipment ready the night before? Let's work really hard over these next few weeks on securing excellent attendance at school!".  Any questions about attendance please contact Mrs Gorrill on e.gorrill@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk 

We are looking forward to a focused and positive half-term, despite the pandemic - our key focus is on the learning of our students and everyone is working hard behind the scenes to make sure that each individual makes the best possible progress as quickly as possible.  We know that life is challenging for many people which is why we are doing our best to support so many individual students and families, but the way forward for us is to make sure that every young person gets the best possible education - that is what we are here for!

Have a good week and we look forward to seeing everyone back tomorrow....

Best wishes and stay safe,

James Harris


Posted by James Harris

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