28 February 2021

WoW – random           CPD Focus – Reading for understanding


  • Reading – as our CPD focus re-centres back onto reading please continue to embed the Reading Quick Wins approaches or the Reading Warriors approach in your lessons from the get-go on March 8th.
  • Reading Day – please save any resources made to promote Reading Warriors in your subjects here.
  • PTSA – our trainee is in school Monday to Thursday this week.
  • Trainee/new staff induction CPD this week with JWI (emailed)
  • All Teachers  – launching Reciprocal Reading (Reading Warriors) with classes next week




 Feedback - Plan - Teach


Link to this term’s CPD focus – Improving reading for understanding by increasing independence


Key Priorities

  • Delivering effective remote learning
  • Promoting wider reading within your subjects and reading for pleasure


As we prepare to welcome our students back next week, many of us will be bracing ourselves for the return to the classroom – and a return to re-training our students in being in a face-to-face lesson (including adhering to the WLD BfL Basics).


The first week back will be interesting as students start to return culminating in all students in attendance by the end of the week. This week will, therefore, be a-mixture of face-to face teaching (for those year groups in school and KWV students) and remote learning (for those still at home) as year groups will have a staggered start.​ Inevitably, we will also have students who are self-isolating or shielding so work will need to be available for them,​too.  Taking all of this into account, work will need to continue to be placed into Teams, as it is now, before the lesson.

Hopefully this return will be aided by our decision – supported by Middle leaders - to give a uniform structure to ALL lesson across school in these opening weeks.  The rationale for this?  To allow all members of our school community to glide successfully back into school life.


The proposed structure will come as no surprise – after all, it is the Didau-informed approach adapted from our very own Teaching and Learning Policy.  However, its effectiveness will hopefully stem from the fact that we are all delivering in the same way during this transition back into face-to-face teaching.

Low Stakes Starter ------ Explanation ------ Model -------Scaffold -------- Practice



ASPIRE CPD! If you would like to learn more about questioning, click on the image above for Tom Sherrington’s tutorial on questioning techniques (25 mins).


Useful references:

Remote Learning Policy (to be updated to reflect recent changes – by the end of this week)

Teaching and Learning Policy (containing blended learning approach)

WLD planning template (updated January 2021)

British Educational Suppliers Association’s LendED platform also provides a searchable list of resources for remote education



This week, it is National Careers’ Week.  See if you can learn/remember the Gatsby Benchmarks…



The Priory Witham Academy - Gatsby Benchmarks






Pearson’s Professional Academy (some free CPD courses)



Remote Learning – Principles (T. Sherrington)



Psychological First Aid Courses



VSH – NHS Your Mind Matters Survey and Support



Supporting SEND students (RHO)

This website is useful for strategies to support students with SEND during this period of remote learning.


TES 13 Hacks for Teachers Using Teams

This a really useful resource with lots of great ideas.


Dyslexia Friendly Practice for Remote Learning - JMA

Includes some useful tips for planning and delivering remote lessons but also for parents and students accessing work.


Microsoft Educator Community


Immersive Reader – lots of resources are available to promote inclusion to help students to become better readers.


 Feedback - Plan - Teach

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