7 February 2021

WoW – parameter      CPD Focus – Remote Learning (reading after half-term)





  • Reading widely
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Spelling of subject-specific vocabulary
  • Use of WAGOLLs to model/scaffold (visualisers, mini-whiteboards)
  • Purposeful and structured communication with others








This Week:


  • Reminder: CPD – Teams support from DTU, LCH, MRI and JMJ during highlighted KWV sessions. Please call/contact them via Teams during this time will all things ICT related. Many thanks to them for their continued support (and video tutorials for students and staff).
  • PTSA – our trainee is in school Monday to Thursday this week.
  • Trainee/new staff induction CPD – after half-term with JWI (assessment and reporting)
  • SIG – Please forward remote learning provision outlines and feedback policies to RLO before half-term




 Feedback - Plan - Teach


Link to this term’s CPD focus – Delivering Effective Remote Learning


Key Priorities

  • Delivering effective remote learning
  • Promoting wider reading within your subjects and reading for pleasure


As we move towards half-term, we inevitably will take time to reflect on the last half-term and how far we have come together.  Delivering high quality remote learning has been our priority and has guided us along an enlightening journey of self-directed CPD and constant self-evaluation of our practice.


Over half-term, it is important for every member of our school community (including parents and carers) to re-charge batteries, relax and to find time away from our laptops – for our well-being and that of our students.  Your mental health and well-being matters and it is vital that time is taken to care for it.


When our students return in the hopefully not-so-distant future, they are going to need the best of us.  The sobering fact that ‘one in six young people now have a probable mental health issue’ was confirmed by NHS research last year (this has risen from one in nine in 2017).


Thank you for everything that you have done over the last half-term. Thank you for enhancing yourselves and one another. It is appreciated each day.



Useful references:

Remote Learning Policy (to be updated to reflect recent changes – by the end of this week)

Teaching and Learning Policy (containing blended learning approach)

WLD planning template (updated December 2020)

British Educational Suppliers Association’s LendED platform also provides a searchable list of resources for remote education



Many thanks to all those who are sharing Top Tips to enhance T&L through Teams. Remember that the Teams Top Tips Map is saved in our CPD Library here.






Remote Learning – Principles (T. Sherrington)



Psychological First Aid Courses



VSH – NHS Your Mind Matters Survey and Support



Supporting SEND students (RHO)

This website is useful for strategies to support students with SEND during this period of remote learning.


TES 13 Hacks for Teachers Using Teams

This a really useful resource with lots of great ideas.


Dyslexia Friendly Practice for Remote Learning - JMA

Includes some useful tips for planning and delivering remote lessons but also for parents and students accessing work.


Microsoft Educator Community


Immersive Reader – lots of resources are available to promote inclusion to help students to become better readers.



 Feedback - Plan - Teach

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