26 January 2021

Good afternoon.

**!! ** Key worker and vulnerable student provision:  If your son or daughter is accessing our provision on site please would you remind them that they need to bring all the books and equipment for their timetabled lessons and must be in full school uniform.  As you know, we are providing "remote learning on site" with individual computer access so students need to be self-contained, responsible and silent when in the sessions.  We follow the pattern of the school day for breaks and lunches so that students on-site can access the remote learning alongside those who are working from home.  As previously advertised, there will be no provision during the half-term break (wb 15th February) - this has been confirmed today by the government,

**!! ** Free School Meals: The order for free school meal vouchers for the next 2 weeks has been placed today, you should receive an email containing your vouchers on Monday 1st February. The vouchers cover the following weeks: Week beginning 1st Feb £15.00. Week beginning 8th Feb £15.00. The voucher total is £30.00.  Free school meals vouchers will not be available for the half term holidays - again this has been confirmed today by the government.

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