24 January 2021

WoW – objective         CPD Focus – Reading and Vocabulary





  • Reading widely
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Spelling of subject-specific vocabulary
  • Use of WAGOLLs to model/scaffold (visualisers, mini-whiteboards)
  • Purposeful and structured communication with others







This Week:

  • CPD – Teams support from DTU, LCH, MRI and JMJ during highlighted KWV sessions. Please call/contact them via Teams during this time will all things ICT related. Many thanks to them for their continued support.
  • PTSA – Our PE trainee comes in for face-to-face support this week.  She will come in to support KWV students and has a full timetable of support, lesson observations and intervention. Thanks to all who are supporting her.
  • Trainee/new staff induction CPD is Wednesday with PHO (CBR, KLA)
  • Expectations – Please remember to refer to these with students. They and their parents/carers have all been informed.
  • SIG Thursday – Agenda – Feedback Policies during remote learning
  • Parent Panel – WLD has its first Teaching and Learning Parent Panel of approximately 15 parent/carers. Feedback will be disseminated as it is gathered. 




 Feedback - Plan - Teach


Link to this term’s CPD focus – Delivering Effective Remote Learning


Key Priorities

  • Delivering effective remote learning
  • Promoting wider reading within your subjects and reading for pleasure


This week, we launch our expectations with students and parents/carers. This becomes a check-list for our practice and for their habits.  As tempting as it is to stray slightly away from protocols, with all the best intentions (i.e. to set work in multiple ways in the hope that the students will read at least one of your messages), let’s support one another by resisting this temptation and sticking to the protocols below.  Our intention is to train our students in a new way of working: repetition and consistency are key.


Expectations of Students

Students will engage with their learning by:

  • Checking their emails each morning and throughout the day and answering emails from teachers;
  • Opening Teams each morning and check the ‘chat’ for the class Teams for that day;
  • Contacting their teachers within the timetabled lesson so that they know that they are working at home, even if they do not access the live lesson;
  • Make every attempt to attend live lessons (where offered);
  • Attempting all work saved in Assignments, on time and to the best of their ability, returning it to the teacher via assignments;
  • Communicating with class teacher where difficulties in that subject are being experienced;
  • Contacting their mentor if they are struggling in a number of subjects;
  • Ensuring that they have regular breaks (as per school timetable) to allow time away from devices;
  • Behaving responsibly and in accordance with the Online Safety/Internet Usage Agreement (see student planners); this includes in live lessons;
  • Continuing to read (they may make use of the reading lists on the website here or the wider reading homework)


Expectations of Teachers

Each subject teacher will:

  • Plan work that is accessible and pitched correctly;
  • Provide clear instruction and will model work using concise explanations, video instruction or simple uncluttered resources;   
  • Make use of accredited online sources such as Oak National Academy lessons, for example, in lieu of school-led video content;
  • Email students before the lesson to let them know where the resources for the lesson are stored and also (if applicable) a link to the live lesson;
  • Organise class resources into a weekly folder in Teams; set lessons as Assignments in the class Team;
  • Award positive ClassCharts points to students who engage with learning;
  • Adjust the curriculum to take account of what students might have missed and the changed requirements of the examinations;
  • Provide the same number of hours of teaching/support, remotely, as they would if face-to-face.
  • Support students, remotely, via Teams or email during reasonable work hours;
  • Provide formative assessment opportunities using digitally-facilitated or whole-class feedback where appropriate; use this feedback to inform planning.  [remote feedback policy needed – SIG agenda item]
  • Provide access to software packages and platforms, where relevant (i.e. Doddle, Massolit, Educake, Hegarty, Seneca);
  • Communicate with mentees each week, through Teams
  • Communicate with parents through Classcharts as to concerns with engagement with remote learning;
  • Communicate with Head of Department where concerns are ongoing.


Useful references:

Remote Learning Policy (updated for January 2021 – Please read)

Teaching and Learning Policy (containing blended learning approach)

WLD planning template (updated December 2020)

British Educational Suppliers Association’s LendED platform also provides a searchable list of resources for remote education



Many thanks to all those who are sharing Top Tips to enhance T&L through Teams. Remember that the Teams Top Tips Map is saved in our CPD Library here.




TES 13 Hacks for Teachers Using Teams

This a really useful resource with lots of great ideas.


Dyslexia Friendly Practice for Remote Learning - JMA

Includes some useful tips for planning and delivering remote lessons but also for parents and students accessing work.


Engagement Tracking – MS Insights from LCH

https://outlook-1.cdn.office.net/assets/mail/file-icon/png/pptx_16x16.pngUsing Insights in Microsoft Teams.pptx

From LCH: ‘One thing I forgot to add in the video is where to find the excel spreadsheet after clicking export. If you go to the files tab on the left hand side of Teams under "calls" it's in there within the "downloads" section.’


Homework reports on ClassCharts


See this useful video tutorial.  It is saved in our CPD Library, here.


Microsoft Educator Community


Immersive Reader – lots of resources are available to promote inclusion to help students to become better readers.


Newspaper Generator – SWO

I stumbled across this and wondered if it was any use to any depts. You type your own text in and can make it look like a real newspaper clipping.



 Feedback - Plan - Teach


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