11 January 2021

Good afternoon,

COVID testing:  We have started COVID testing on-site today by starting the weekly tests for staff.  We will be starting to test students who are accessing our provision tomorrow.  All testing is voluntary.  This is a very positive development and many thanks to Mrs Eckersley and the team of staff who have got this up and running so quickly.

Key worker provision:  The government and the local authority have changed their guidance on provision for key workers - the new position is summarised by this social media post:

Positive Classcharts points:  562 points awarded today for remote learning - well done to everyone!

Screen time: We are very well aware of the amount of screen time that remote learning involves.  Please have a look at the Weekly Reflection on "Sleep and Screen Time".  Our timetable has 10 or 15 minute breaks between each lesson so please remind your son or daughter to use that time to take a break from the device that they are using. 

Technology information from Lancashire County Council:  The following information came to me today about accessing Teams on other devices:

  • Smart TVS - Pupils can access Teams from smart TVs. Most smart TVs will allow keyboard and mouse input, but students need to have something other than the basic web browser installed. Some will allow you to install Chrome/Firefox. If they do, the console will act in much the same way as a PC.
  • PS4 and Xbox - Pupils can access Teams/ from games consoles. Instructions are here. A keyboard can also be added to consoles, but not a mouse.

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James Harris


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