10 January 2021

Teaching and Learning Digest – 11th January 2021





  • Reading widely
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Spelling of subject-specific vocabulary
  • Use of WAGOLLs to model/scaffold (visualisers, mini-whiteboards)
  • Purposeful and structured communication with others







WoW – mechanism    CPD Focus – Reading and Vocabulary



This Week:


  • Trainees – New PE trainee (KLA) starts with us today, albeit remotely.  RSW will be mentoring her.  This is a very strange time to train and I know that we will all support in any way that we can.
  • Trainee/new staff induction CPD starts on 20th Jan (CBR – to be included as part of new staff induction)
  • Whole school CPD on 13th Jan – details emailed out on Friday 8th @ 09:24am.
  • Reading – please continue to support students in any way possible with their reading (i.e. wider reading homework etc).  A library of links and titles to complement our curriculum plans is here.  SKN is working on spring term plans and links to accompany them.
  • Feedback – please send any examples of outstanding work to RLO and we will publish on the website.  Thanks.




 Feedback - Plan - Teach


Link to this term’s CPD focus – Evaluation of Remote T&L


Key Priorities

  • Delivering effective remote learning
  • Promoting wider reading within your subjects and reading for pleasure

Over the coming weeks, reflecting and evaluating will be a key part of our practice.  As part of this, students will be emailed questions asking them about their learning.  Results will be shared where useful.  Staff voice will also be gathered through our day-to-day conversations but also through the CPD session scheduled for this week.


Student Voice

The following results were taken from a whole-school questionnaire sent out on Wednesday.  In terms of feedback to question 2, some students had expressed an interest in live learning; others had said that they were happy with provision currently.




This week, as our whole-school CPD activity, we will spend some necessary time in departments reflecting on our current practice in terms of T&L.  The EEF’s rapid evidence assessment investigates methods that schools could use to support remote learning during school closures caused by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). This has been shared previously but is a useful prompt as we reflect this week.


Key findings and implications (summarised below)

1. Teaching quality is more important than how lessons are delivered

2. Ensuring access to technology is key, particularly for disadvantaged pupils

3. Peer interactions can provide motivation and improve learning outcomes

4. Supporting pupils to work independently can improve learning outcomes

5. Different approaches to remote learning suit different tasks and types of content



Useful references:

Remote Learning Policy (updated for January 2021 – Please read)

Teaching and Learning Policy (containing blended learning approach)

WLD planning template (updated December 2020)

British Educational Suppliers Association’s LendED platform also provides a searchable list of resources for remote education



Many thanks to all of you who are sharing Top Tips at present, particularly around use of Teams etc.  It is a real support to everyone.  JMJ has provided the following useful guide to setting work through Teams.  This saved in our CPD Library here.



Engagement Tracking – MS Insights from LCH

https://outlook-1.cdn.office.net/assets/mail/file-icon/png/pptx_16x16.pngUsing Insights in Microsoft Teams.pptx

From LCH: ‘One thing I forgot to add in the video is where to find the excel spreadsheet after clicking export. If you go to the files tab on the left hand side of Teams under "calls" it's in there within the "downloads" section.’


AMC – Shared a Top Tip on Friday - delaying emails to allow forward-planning

See email from AMC on her top tip for delaying emails – sent on Friday 8th January.

Use this link here - delaying emails  to view the training materials.


Kooth Free Training Sesson

Kooth can offer wellbeing support to young people in Lancashire aged 10-16. To raise awareness of this support offer, they are hosting a drop-in Kooth training session to all school staff across the Lancashire area on 28 January, 3:45-4:45pm.


Register here if you are interested.


Feedback – MCS has provided this useful link demonstrating his approach to delivering feedback to students and it also showcases a real working example of linking curriculum and learning to Careers education.  Well worth a watch. Many thanks.


Homework reports on ClassCharts – many thanks to LEA for her video tutorial.  It is saved in our CPD Library, here.

Tidying up files in Teams – thanks to LCH for this tip


Microsoft Educator Community


Immersive Reader – lots of resources are available to promote inclusion to help students to become better readers.

Application window for becoming a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert is open again. If you are interested, follow the instructions here to submit by 31st January. https://microsoftedu.eventcore.com/

Microsoft Educator Communities - Home - Home

Overview. Open to any school who has begun the journey to whole school transformation to improve teaching and learning. Leaders, once you've joined the Microsoft Showcase Incubator, you will get supported with your transformation plans by Microsoft, its partners and other schools in the Showcase School program.



 Feedback - Plan - Teach


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