29 November 2020

Good afternoon,

A few administrative matters this afternoon....

Bus timetables:  Please be aware that the timings for the 501 - 505 buses are are on the website;

Uniform:  As the weather gets (even) wetter and colder, please can I encourage all students to wear a coat over their blazer to protect against the weather while waiting outside blocks to be admitted for lessons.  We admit students as quickly as possible, but cleaning, hygiene and safe movement are vital to everyone's safety and this means that we unavoidably spend a bit of time outside. Please can I also ask you to help us by reminding students that coats are worn over blazers - only school jumpers are worn between blazer and shirt.  Many thanks.

Lockdown:  The movement from national lockdown to Tier 3 has no major impact on the way in which we are operating as a school;

Mental health and wellbeing:  As I have said for the last few weeks a calm, well-ordered, stable environment at school is essential for staff and student wellbeing. Please help us by reinforcing this with the young person that you care for;

Vaccinations:  On Thursday this week (3rd December) we have the Year 9 HPV catch-up injections and the Year 7 nasal flu vaccination.

Equipment:  The list of required equipment is on the website.  Please check that your son or daughter has all the required stationery and replace if necessary.  You can buy additional complete stationery packs from us via Parentpay if needed.

As always, please keep an eye on Classcharts for information about the day to day attitude of your child and keep an eye on the website for updates - we will always signpost these on Facebook and Twitter.

Best wishes to you and to all those you care for.

James Harris


Posted by James Harris

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