15 November 2020

Good afternoon and apologies for the second update, but there are some administrative notices which are important to include this week:

Reminder for year 7 nasal flu vaccine. Thursday, 3rd December: Thank you if you have returned your e-consent form but in case you haven't yet done so, please find the link here, however, please bear in mind this link closes on 26th November: https://www.nhsimms.uk/FLU/information?Id=119743&Type=FLU.  If your child has already had the Nasal Flu vaccine since September 2020 please disregard this message. If you have any problems accessing the link please telephone 0333 358 3397, option 6.  Alternatively, a pdf version is available on our website here. This needs to be returned to D2 by your child by no later than Monday, 30th November in order for us to follow quarantine procedures.

Year 8 students self-isolating due to positive case:  These students are due back in tomorrow, Monday, 16th November  

Reminder for Year 9 HPV catch-up injections:  Following on from the first round of injections on 14th October, please note that the nurses will be in school on Thursday, 3rd December to continue the year 9 HPV injections. If your child has not had the injection and you would like them to, please complete the appropriate form here on the website and return to school by no later than Monday, 30th November.

Message for students travelling on the 504 bus from Spring Lane only: From Monday, 16th November until the foreseeable future, these students will need to catch the 502 bus from Spring Lane at 08:10

Best wishes

James Harris


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