13 November 2020

WoW – incompatible           CPD Focus – Reading and Vocabulary

This Week:

  • Trainees – in timetabled lessons within subject areas this week.
  • New staff and trainee CPD – remote CPD this week.  RSW to disseminate materials.
  • Reminders:
    • Continue to add lesson resources into weekly folders for each class in Teams.
    • Use Oak National Academy (or other online lesson bank) for cover lessons.
  • Year 7 teachers – continue with the golden rules, even following set changes please.
  • Year 10 teachers –Please use the golden rules across ALL subjects.






Link to this term’s CPD focus – Reading and Understanding

The answer to the question above?  25%.  So potentially one in four of our Year 10s and 11s!


To enable the T&L Policy to be embedded across school, we should all be including reading strategies within our lessons, using the reciprocal reading method and also the Frayer Model for explicit vocabulary teaching.  Is there evidence of these methods within your planning and teaching?


  • Do you actively promote reading (talk about books/extended reading that may link to the topic)?
  • Do you explore tier 2 words within lessons? – list in teacher planners
  • Do you explore tier 3 words within lessons?
  • Do you give students reading strategies when tackling difficult texts (articles, exam questions, etc)?
  • Do you give students the Reciprocal Reading questions and roles to help them to dig deeper?


As I said in the last issue of the TLD, the EEF recognises teaching reading comprehension strategies as having a high impact based on extensive research:

Alex Quigley, in his influential work ‘Closing the Reading Gap’, recognises the importance of modelling reading with students.  This is where our reciprocal reading model should help:



All you need to do, is paste the slide into your PPT and start using it with students.  Give them roles, or work through the stages; even focus on a particular aspect; start small BUT use it.


Useful references:

Remote Learning Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy (containing blended learning approach)

WLD planning template




The Technology Department are scheduled to share a Top Tip this week.  Thanks in advance.



‘Closing the Reading Gap’ – Alex Quigley



Teaching and Learning – Test Yourself!

The new staff and trainee induction session last week was introducing them to our Teaching and Learning Policy.  If you would like a revision session to see if you understand the different elements, test yourself using this questionnaire.


National College of Teaching and Leadership

Please take the time to look at an area in which you have an interest.

Useful CPD webinars (please email RLO if you need your password re-sending)

Webinar: Scaffolding Strategies

Webinar: High Quality Feedback


Microsoft Educator Community


Immersive Reader – lots of resources are available to promote inclusion to help students to become better readers.





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