4 October 2020

Good afternoon,

Homework:  Please can I ask for your help.  Some of our students are finding it hard to get back into the routine of homework.  I understand that it is tricky sometimes with the homework being online so please can you talk to your son or daughter about how they are going to get it completed.  You can book them into homework club - details are on this page here - if computer access is an issue.  Please help us by checking what homework your son or daughter has - it is on Classcharts and a brief summary should be written by the student in their planner.  All deadlines will be a week so that students are able to work around limited computer access, but that requires planning so that deadlines are not missed.  Please help us by talking to your son or daughter about any issues that they are having in getting their homework done.  We are finding that this is the biggest cause of negative Classcharts points - far more than any misbehaviour (which is extremely limited - almost all our students have settled back into life at school really well).

Year 11 update:  I have done a separate video update for Year 11 students, parents and carers.  You will find it here.

Year 7 Science (notice from Miss Balmforth, Head of Science): Year 7 will be sitting "GL Assessments" in Science in the upcoming weeks before the end of term.  Students do not need to worry about this test, we are only looking to see what they have learnt at primary school, there is no need for students to revise.  The test will be sat in a Science lesson, students will be informed by their Science teacher when their test will be. 

Communications:  Please remember to register for Classcharts (email classcharts@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk with any issues) and School Gateway to keep up to date with information from school.  If you use social media, please keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.  There have been several messages sent out this week:

•    Year 7 Hothersall Lodge letter invite – copy on website here: https://www.waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk/parents/communication 
•    Year 7 Buzzbooks message sent to all year 7 students and parents 
•    Year 9’s HPV vaccinations will be on 14th October (these would normally have been done in year 8) – link is here: https://www.nhsimms.uk/HPV/information?Id=119743&Type=HPV and closes on 9th October
•    Year 10 GCSE PE Sport Top – link to letter on website here: https://www.waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk/parents/communication 
•    Wellbeing Garden Letter – link here:  https://www.waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk/parents/communication

Have a good week - and thanks for your support with homework,

James Harris



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