21 September 2020

Good afternoon,

Earlier today we sent emails to all parents and carers with a letter from Public Health England about the identification of a single case of COVID-19 at school in Year 11. There are two different letters - one to those who are required to self-isolate and one to everyone else.

Public Health England instructed us to establish close contacts of the individual who tested positive, from the start of last week, and to require them to self-isolate until the date that they gave us (returning next Tuesday, the 29th Sept).  Please be aware that the letter is slightly confusing as it refers to 14 days - the days start from early last week.  We could not modify the letter as it came from Public Health England. 

The instructions from Public Health were to identify those sitting within 2 metres for an extended period during lessons, those seated within 2 metres on the buses and those who had extended close conversations with the individual during break or lunchtime.  Using lesson seating plans and discussions with teachers, corresponding with the individual concerned and using our CCTV network we have identified these close contacts and these have received letters to self isolate.  It is only the close contacts of the individual who tested positive who are required to self-isolate.  All other students can return to school tomorrow (Tuesday).  Students who have been required to self-isolate will be able to access resources for their lessons on Teams in order to continue their learning and they should follow the instructions in the letter from Public Health England.

I appreciate that this matter is concerning, but please be assured that we have carefully and diligently followed the guidance given to us by Public Health England and the Local Health Protection Team.

Best wishes,

James Harris



Posted by James Harris

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