20 September 2020


WoW – concurrent             CPD Focus – Reading and Vocabulary 

This Week: 

  • Trainees – welcome to Walton le Dale!
  • CPD – please sign up using the following link for the whole school session on 30th September
  • CPD for new staff and trainees – this Wednesday after school in B7 with PHO.
  • Reminders:
    • Engage with Year 11s during timetabled lessson and record who contacts you.
    • Set weekly homework on Classcharts.
    • Add lesson resources into weekly folders for each class in Teams.
    • Use Oak National Academy (or other online lesson bank) for cover lessons.

RLO’s T&L update (circulated in JHA’s bulletin) here.




As we embark upon the start of the third full week back, we will all be working through our armoury of engagement strategies; judging the tipping point between allowing students to feel confident in their learning with stretching them to achieve the next milestone. 


This week, reflect on the engagement strategies used within your classroom.  I, for one, am trying to give my students experience of success by asking lots of questions; some trickier than others. As we start to ratchet up the level of challenge, we must ensure that our students remain engaged and switched on. 


If this subject interests you, please read on by watching this video from the Ambition Institute.   


The Remote Learning Policy remains unchanged from July.  Please provide tweaks or amendments to RLO asap if needed. 

The Teaching and Learning Policy has been updated and now contains a Section Two Pandemic section.  Please read and use the one page summary to help you to refine your approach. 


Thanks to HLA for this amazing top tip. Simple but VERY effective. 

When using your screen, if you are showing a PPT, at any point you can press ‘W’ and a plain white screen will be displayed; or ‘B’ and a plain black screen will be displayed. 





Thanks to AHA for the following link to free resource packs 

Inner Drive 


Thanks to JMJ for free CPD on remote learning 

November 2020 


Lancashire CPD Sessions – Virtual 

Please let RLO know if you wish to attend any of these sessions.  Some staff already are. 


NQT CPD and Top Tips 





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