28 August 2020

We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone back next week and being a physical school community again.  There have been several updates and I hope plenty of guidance over the past few weeks so this is just a final reminder about a few practical things....

Equipment:  Our students are going to be have to be responsible and independent - they will need their own stationery and equipment and they will be given their own books to be responsible for.  If you have ordered a stationery pack from us we will give them out on the first day.

Hygiene and safety:  We strongly advise that every student brings a face mask and a plastic bag to put it in.  We expect each student to have their own pack of antiseptic wipes.  Face masks must be worn on buses and we strongly advise that they are worn inside school buildings when moving between lessons.

Food:  We strongly encourage all students to bring their own food and drink.

Transport:  We will send out further information about seating on school buses (501 to 505) on Tuesday based on the online form that you have completed.  Other buses are run by LCC not by us so we don't organise the seating on those buses.

Arrival:  Please help us by staggering student arrival at the front gate (Year 7 earliest - from 8.35, Years 10 and 11 latest - at 8.45), not dropping students immediately outside and definitely not coming onto school site. Year 7 and 11 start on Wednesday (2nd Sept) and all year groups are in on Thursday (3rd Sept).

Please check back through the guidance given over the summer - it is all online here - and talk through the practicalities with your son or daughter.

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

James Harris


Posted by James Harris

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