3 July 2020

Good afternoon,

Lovely to see two more small groups of our new intake in school today.

Study for next week (wb 6th July):  As always, it is on the website here, it is attached to the email version of this update and it has been emailed to every student.  Please, as always, ensure that your son or daughter is in contact with 

Final reminder from Miss Royal (our Careers Co-ordinator): Thank you so much to all those who have completed the Careers Questionnaire so far - your feedback is really important. Please can I ask for anyone else who is happy to give us your feedback can you complete this at your soonest convenience, then we will begin to evaluate the findings - thanks again.

Opening in September:  There is a lot of news and discussion in the press and on social media about the guidance.  I circulated the links to the guidance yesterday.  We are, as I said, reading, reflecting and planning and we will be communicate with everyone as the situation unfolds.

Key worker and vulnerable student provision:  Please can I remind everyone who uses this provision that this will stop at the end of term.

Social media:  Please follow, like and share @WLDHighSchool on Facebook and Twitter.  Many thanks....

Looking forward to seeing Year 10 for some input on their options subjects next week - as well as some more of new Year 7 intake...  Have as good a weekend as you can, given the weather!

Best wishes

James Harris




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