29 June 2020

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Just a short update this afternoon...


information from Runshaw College:  Runshaw say.... "https://www.runshaw.ac.uk/year-10-future-ready-event/ 'which will give you access to the webpage. This includes a virtual tour of the college, information about the different pathways you can choose at college, as well as videos for all of their subjects which will hopefully get you to start thinking about your next steps after school."


Opening to everyone in September:  There is lots of gossip on social media and in the news following a leak last night of the government's plans for re-opening schools for all students in September.  We are told that we will get the official plans on Thursday and then, as with all the 100+ pieces of guidance from the government during this pandemic, we will consider it carefully, make some sensible plans and communicate them with everyone. Some Year 10s have been commenting to staff about exams next year - all the information that we have so far is that they will continue as normal so, until that changes, we are aiming for that goal with all Year 10 and they need to work towards it!


Thank you: for the swift response from several people offering advice on setting up our Facebook page.  It is much appreciated!


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