26 June 2020

Good afternoon,

Study for next week:  This is on the website here and attached to the email version of this update.  Please urge your son or daughter to contact their teachers in the course of the week about their work.  

Year 10:  All Year 10 should know which day they are in next week (wb 29th June) to meet with English, Maths and Science teachers.  When they are in next week we will make sure that they know their individual timetable for the following week of options subjects (wb 6th July).  In the final week of term (wb 13th July) they will be meeting with their form tutors again to make sure that they are set up for returning in September.  

Year 7 engagement reports:  These have been emailed out to inform discussion between parents/carers and children.  The action is that the student needs to be in contact with their subject teacher by email to address any misunderstanding or missing work.  These reports are intended to inform and promote discussion between parents/carers, students and staff about what needs to be done.  It is great to see the increased communication with teachers that has resulted from these reports.

Year 7 intake for 2020:  It has been lovely to see a few of our new intake in for small group meetings.  Miss Bailey, Head of Year 7, is working to get as many students as possible in by the end of term.  Lots of our staff are making phonecalls to our new students and their families to answer any qustions that they may have and address any concerns.  We have been putting lots of welcome information - projects, videos, FAQs on our website here.

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