24 June 2020

Good afternoon,

It has been great to see Year 10s from indigo section today.  As we emailed out yesterday, next week Year 10 will get some face to face input on Maths, English and Science, followed by face to face input from options subjects (as far as we can manage given the constraints on group sizes) the week after.

September: Quite rightly everyone is asking what happens in September!  We have been engaged in a lot of planning behind the scenes based on a number of possible scenarios.  We now have the Prime Minister's statement to Parliament yesterday in which he said "“Primary and secondary education will recommence in September with full attendance” https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/prime-ministers-statement-to-the-house-on-covid-19-23-june-2020.  This is great news and I am really looking forward to welcoming everyone back!  We are now waiting for the guidance as to how this should be done safely (distancing, hygiene, transport etc...). He also said that  “there will be flare-ups for which local measures will be needed and we will not hesitate to apply the brakes and re-introduce restrictions even at national level - if required”.  So we are working on the basis that we will all be back in September, but we await specific guidance  in the coming weeks and we are making contingency plans just in case.  You now know as much as I do!

Engagement with learning:  I must sound like a stuck record!  The most important thing is the contact between student and teacher at this time.  Please keep asking your son or daughter if they have been in email contact with their teachers about the work that they are doing.  Their teachers are there to help them.

Best wishes and I hope that you have some chance to enjoy the sunshine....

James Harris


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