15 June 2020

Good afternoon,

Several important things on the update this afternoon - slightly longer and slightly earlier than usual....

Wider circulation of these updates:  From today I am experimenting with sending the email version of this update to a wider group of parents & carers.  If you have not received it before and want to catch up on all the daily issues you will find them all on the website.  

Opening to more students in Year 10:  I have just received guidance from Lancashire which advises us to open to Year 10s in line with our risk assessments and in line with the plans that we communicated earlier.  This is good news for all of us!  The plans have been on the website here for a couple of weeks - we were just waiting for the go-ahead from the Director of Public Health from Lancashire.  The purpose of seeing Year 10 is, as the government says, to support them in their remote learning. For the first week (wb 22nd June) we will have the students in by section to work with their form tutors and to remotely link to their subject teachers.  This will mean that we will be fully aware of the specific barriers to learning.  We will then plan small group sessions for the following weeks based on need and will invite in students for those sessions.  The sessions will run from 10 until 2.  Those students who absolutely have to travel by bus will be supervised between 8.45 and 3. We are only allowed to have a quarter of Year 10 in at any one time.  

For the first week Year 10s are to come into school according to their section colour:
•    Monday 22nd June – Red
•    Tuesday 23rd June – Yellow
•    Wednesday 24th June – Indigo
•    Thursday 25th June - Blue

We will be sending a text to parents/carers tomorrow morning to ask you to confirm whether your son or daughter will be attending on the relevant day.  It is important that students only attend on the relevant day - we have to know who will be on site during each session.   We are really looking forward to seeing more of our students again, but the rules around social distancing and hygiene are very strict.  I will send out more specific guidance to families of Year 10s in the coming days, but please remind yourself of the plans by looking at the website here.  If for some reason you don't receive a text tomorrow, please confirm attendance by emailing Mrs Hodgson on l.hodgson@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk

Year 10 report on student engagement with learning:  We intend to send this report out to families of Year 10s today to help discussions within families prior to discussions with form tutors next week.  The action from this report is that students must email their teachers in any subjects where we have limited records of engagement with learning. Other year groups will get a similar report over the next couple of weeks.

Transport:  The regulations around travel by public transport have changed.  If your son or daughter is travelling to school by bus please ensure that they are wearing a face-covering.  The guidance is here - this is now the law.

Summer break:  I have had several queries about provision over the summer break, particularly for vulnerable students and key workers.  I have received no guidance from anyone about this yet and I will let you know as soon as I do.  There was clearly a pronouncement from the Prime Minister last week, but there has been no information following that.

Mental health hour:  The final episode of Sam Tyrer's series is available tomorrow.  He says "Tomorrows episode will begin at the usual time of 10am for the live stream and then I will send out the recorded version afterwards. We will be doing two bonus episodes, one for year 6’s to help with the transition period and one for year 10s ready to go into their final year.  Thank you for putting up with me for the last 10 weeks, I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have. Thank you for all your support and I hope everyone has a lovely week.  Here is the link - www.twitch.tv/mindsetbydave. 10am tomorrow for episode 10." 

Support for autistic and SEND children on return to school:  We have received the following information about an event which will be of interest to many parents and carers - not just those of students with SEND....



I'm so thrilled to send you this exclusive invitation to our Free Livestream Q&A with Lynn McCann - Autism & SEND Specialist.

Following the incredible success of her helpful, free courses on preparing autistic and SEND children for returning to school, she has been kind enough to offer to answer any and all of your questions in this free live session. 




To submit your question choose either YouTube or Facebook and submit your question in the comments before the session and make sure to share the invitation with your colleagues and parents.

Any questions about this or anything else, drop me a line at ian@schudio.com.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Weekly reflection:  Our weekly reflection this week is Equality and Diversity: Pride Month - you will find the resources here. 

Best wishes - and it will be lovely to see as many of our Year 10s as possible next week!

James Harris





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