11 June 2020

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Message from Sam Tyrer: Yesterday morning we recorded episode 9 of the ‘Mental Health Family Hour’ – Mindfulness & Visualisation Techniques. I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you do too. The techniques we discuss can really benefit us all. Do you want to learn to be more present in the moment? Then make sure you watch this! Episode 9 -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWdWPNXiGXU

Study for next week:  This is posted on the website, attached to the email version of this update and emailed to all students.  A few points to note:

  • It is very important that students (and parents/carers) read the study information for each subject.  It directs the student to email, Teams or other resources to access their study for the week - that is why we send it out as one document per year group each week;
  • The study information can be accessed via any internet enabled device, not just a computer - phone, games console, smart TV.... - anything that will run a web browser.  We fully understand that some students are completing the work on paper, but anyone who can read this update can find out what the work is for the week.
  • All past weeks can be found on our website if students need to catch up with particular subjects.
  • Year 10 parents and carers will receive a report from us on Monday informing you whether your son or daughter has been engaging with the work in different subjects, from our records.  Other year groups will get a similar report over the coming couple of weeks.  This is to help you to have conversations with your son or daughter about their independent study and to encourage them to make contact with their teachers via email or Teams.


Year 7 Parents' evening cancelled:  In the light of the current pandemic the Year 7 parents' evening in the school calendar for next Wednesday (17th June) is cancelled,


Have a good weekend - we will update Year 10 parents/carers on reopening as soon as we have the guidance from Lancashire's Director of Public Health on Monday....


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