17 May 2020


This Week:


  • Trainees – Home study through University of Cumbria.
  • NQTs – Meetings arranged for Tuesday and Wednesday through Teams. See email for invite.
  • Walton Connects – many thanks to those of you who could attend the virtual meeting last week.  Your input is appreciated.  The next one will be scheduled for after half term.
  • Reading Day – a proposal about the proposed ‘Reading Day’ (disaggregated INSET day) will be dropping into your inbox this week.  This was shared with the first Walton Connects group last week and amendments were made accordingly.  Feedback/suggestions to RLO by the 5th June.




Doug Lemov has blogged about effective online learning but in this blog he puts together a list of ways we can interact with students so that we can: engage them in learning; make sure they’re doing the work; check to see that they understand what we’re teaching them; and benefit from seeing examples of what their peers are doing and thinking. He calls them Feedback and Accountability Loops.

There are some great examples here and it is well-worth checking out. 


Top Tips



The British Council have launched a fantastic new online range of bite-sized versions of activities from their most popular resources, perfect for remote and home learning. Start with favourites Life Below Water – Tackling Plastic Pollution and Quality Education – Why do we go to School?  Also just released is their engaging new resource Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, enabling students to explore global issues from climate change to hunger.




NB: Please refer to the previous ‘TLD’ for already publicised CPD activities.

Please make use of the regularly updated CPD saved in WLD Teachers Team.  There are lots of free webinars and other courses to look at, if you feel that you have the time or circumstances allow you to do so.


To my knowledge, we currently have staff completing/having completed: a range of subject-specific webinars or online courses; an online metacognition course; webinars on retrieval practice; a webinar with Thomas Guskey; a webinar with Doug Lemov; these are to name but a few.


Continue to make use of the video CPD sessions stored in the same Team here

CPD Cascaded by Our Staff


Microsoft Educator Community


AHA has kindly produced a PPT to explain how to access the course material, accessible here.


Teams CPD from LCH

Below is a link to a YouTube video that shows useful formatting tips when messaging students and staff or announcing new work/important events within a channel. 



Subject Knowledge Enhancement



Oxford University Press Webinars

Weds 20th May at 10am


Society for Education and Training

They are offering a wide range of free CPD webinars on a range of topics, from behaviour to well-being.  Have a look here if you are interested…


University of Chester – free CPD webinars (RHO)

It all starts on Monday, 18th May with a unique opportunity - we're very lucky to have four national system leaders join us to discuss the current situation and the implications it may have on schools. You can register for these free live sessions via Eventbrite using the links below:



CPD Sharing from JMJ 

All webinars completing saved here.  Please make use of this shared resource.


Staff at WLD are currently reading (to my knowledge)…


  • ‘This much I know about mind over matter…. improving mental health In our schools’ by John Tomsett.
  • ‘Closing the Reading Gap’ by Alex Quigley
  • ‘Just Great Teaching’ by Ross Morrison McGill
  • ‘Rosenshine Masterclass’ by Tom Sherrington
  • ‘Teaching Walkthrus’ by Oliver Caviglioli and Sherrington
  • ‘Seven Myths About Education’ by Daisy Christodoulou

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