Good afternoon,,

A number of updates today...

School Council Members and Prefect applications: Mr Howarth has emailed all the members of the school council about a new plan for the School Council in the future. If your child is on the the council, remind them to check their email and click the link he has sent.  Mr Howarth has already enjoyed reading 58 Prefect Applications!  Year 10 parents & carers, please remind your child to apply if they are interested.

Edukit Wellbeing Survey - a reminder: Edukit has created a survey for all schools to use to check on wellbeing of students during this time at home. Mr Howarth has emailed the link to all students. It is a short series of multiple choice questions and is confidential. Only Mr Howarth will have access to the results and they are confidential unless the student wants to write a comment in the last box and add their name. This is a really valuable piece of research so please encourage all the students to complete the survey so we can see how they are doing.Hi All

Mental Health Family Hour:  Here is the link to Sam Tyrer's Mental Health family hour webinar from this week. If you get a chance to listen please do , it's really informative.  Episode 5 -

School opening over half-term and Bank Holiday:  As with the Easter holidays we will be open for students who need supervision as their parents are key workers as well as students considered highly vulnerable.  As usual, please make sure that Mrs Hodgson ( has a copy of your key worker identification and your working patterns for the week.  We will be in direct contact with those people to confirm whether supervision is definitely needed for the Bank Holiday (25th May).

BAe Systems help for home learning: Some very useful resources

Lancashire Cyber-Crime Bulletin:  Important to read this at this time

Resource documents:  I have put the updated list of resource documents that have been accumulated over this period at the end of this update.- it includes another useful booklet of resources and ideas for students with special educational needs.


Best wishes and stay safe....

James Harris