26 March 2020

Good afternoon,


Firstly there are a few updates for parents and carers of our Year 11 students:

  • From Mr Hull (Head of Technology). "All Mr Hull's Yr 11 Design Technology students should have received an email with instructions on how to complete coursework. This work is likely to prove vitally important in the event of providing evidence to support estimated grades. Please encourage your child to complete this work and to get in touch with Mr Hull with any questions. Thanks."
  • From Mr Turner (Head of ICT/Computing).   "Please remind year 11 ICT pupils that they still need to complete their component 2 coursework. They have received all the necessary resources from their teachers on Office 365 and we are available to coach them through it. Their ICT exams is completed but coursework must be completed in order to provide evidence for the grade they deserve." 
  • From me (Mr Harris):  "We have just received information that we will receive guidance next week on how GCSE grades will be awarded.  The information from the government is here."

I attach some excellent guidance about the home education of children with special educational needs (SEN).  Good practice for SEN is good practice for everyone so it is worth reading by everyone.


Just a reminder that if you need to make use of supervision for your child in school then please make sure that we have a copy of your identification as a key worker and also your shift patterns for next week.  As all the guidance says, the safest place for your child is at home.


Finally, our intention is to get learning materials out to every single one of our students.  Our focus this week has been on sorting out communication issues - passwords, logons etc... and getting paper work out to those without internet access - tomorrow we will be having a look at the list of students who have not logged on to their email and checking that we have been in contact with each one by other means.  We are a school - just a very scattered one!


Best wishes to you and all who you care for....


James Harris




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