Many congratulations to the Public Speaking team who won the area Youth Speaks competition this week - see the photograph above.  We are getting a reputation for success in this area - well done to all concerned.

I wrote about the importance of attendance the other week - it is also worth explaining why we bother so much about the attitude that a young person brings to their learning. Our own research shows that those students who are positive and hardworking are successful at GCSE, even if they sometimes find the topics challenging.  If our young people work with their teachers and accept that sometimes the work will be stretching then our teachers can concentrate on teaching them as effectively as possible.  In other words, "great teaching + hard work + effective support from school and home = great results".  Our results last year clearly showed that our teachers know how to get the highest grades - we must all work together to ensure that we have no unnecessary arguments so that students can learn and teachers can teach.  That is why we insist on the highest possible standards of behaviour, focus and hard work in all lessons.

Year 11 Parents' Evening:  This is on Wednesday this week.  Please be aware that entrance to the Parents Evening will be through the new pastoral "Hub" in D Block, not through the usual Canopy entrance.  All Year 11s will know the relevant entrance. I look forward to seeing everyone at this very important evening - we will be giving out mock results and the detailed revision plan for each student as you arrive.

As I said last week, apprenticeships are a very important route to employment for many of our students and therefore we have started an "Apprenticeship of the Week" to go along with our established "Career of the Week" on the website here.  The apprenticeship is "Aluminium Fabricator" for this week.

We work closely with a range of local colleges - Runshaw are advertising adult education courses - you will find the flyer on our community page. 

Have a very good week!


James Harris