17 November 2019

A number of updates this week:

Remembrance Day this week was marked by a period of silence at 11am on Monday our of respect for those who died to maintain the freedoms that we so often take for granted. Amnesty Club also marked Remembrance by decorating the Peace Poles in the garden.

Presentation Evening on Wednesday was a lovely event with lots of our leavers returning to collect their certificates and prizes.  We moved the venue to the Sports Hall and that worked well. It was great to see several previous members of staff there, in particular Mrs Laverty (recently retired Deputy Headteacher) who returned to present the prizes. Thank you to those parents who emailed such positive feedback after the event.

We pride ourselves on the way in which we respond to all concerns from parents and carers as swiftly and thoroughly as we can.  Our care for our young people is a significant reason why many people send their children to Walton-le-Dale.  That being said, we have had one or two incidents since the start of the year where parents have been aggressive towards staff of the school.  I understand that parents feel strongly about matters where their child is concerned - I am a parents myself - but it is important to keep all our discussions polite and calm.  We are on the same side - we want the best for your child and we will work hard to sort any issues out. We do not come to work to be shouted at.

Uniform and homework:  Thank you for your continuing support in tackling these two staples of school life!  As the weather has got colder we have seen some hoodies coming back into school.  Our uniform policy has always been clear that these are not permitted. Obviously coats and jackets have hoods and these are worn over school uniform and are necessary to keep students warm and dry on the way to and from school.  We sell school jumpers which can be worn underneath blazers if students are cold.  The homework situation is improving - we are working to ensure that all students complete all their homework on time as preparation for independent study for GCSEs and beyond.  Once again, thank you for your support.

Building work:  We are looking forward to the opening of a new pastoral area in D Block in the next week or so.  This brings together our pastoral and SEN support into one place and will enable us to further improve our already good provision in these areas.

Good luck to Year 8 who have some exams this week!  Year 11 mocks start in 2 weeks time....

Have a good week.

James Harris




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