25 September 2019

For many years now, the Prom at the end of Year 11 has been a lovely annual event at which we celebrate all the friendships and memories that have been created over five years at Walton-le-Dale.  This year we are moving the venue to the Marquee at St Catherine's so that we can enjoy their wonderful facilities and support a local cause that is dear to the hearts of many of our families.  

We would love every member of Year 11 to attend the Prom on Thursday 18th June to celebrate all their memories of their time at Walton-le-Dale.  It isn't about the suit, the dress or the car - it is about being part of the community at Walton-le-Dale and enjoying an evening with friends who have made memories to last a lifetime.  

We understand that some people don't enjoy this kind of thing and we respect that, but we don't want people worrying about what to wear or how to arrive - just buy a ticket and come to celebrate!  That being said, if for some reason you don't value and respect our community then we may be having a conversation with you as we reach the end of Year 11 about whether you can really be at the Prom.  For example if you often fail to come into school even though you aren't really ill or if you fail to respect the values that we stand for and are therefore excluded for a period of time - why would you want to come to the Prom? On the other hand, if your attitude and contribution to our community have been outstanding then we will be looking for ways to pay back part of the cost of your ticket! 

We want everyone to be there!


Posted by James Harris

Category: WLD Updates