20 September 2019

Open Evening was amazing!  Thanks to everyone for coming and to everyone who helped with the organisation.  I always urge parents/carers, whether or not they have been to Open Evening, to make an appointment to see around the school "in action"....  I have already started showing people around and I know that I will spend part of each day for the next few weeks showing families around and answering their questions.  It is one of the parts of my job that I really enjoy as I am really proud of the work that we do at Walton-le-Dale.   

"ASPIRE" is the acronym that we are using to summarise the ethos of the school and the skills and attributes that we are seeking to develop in ourselves and our young people - Achieving, Self-motivated, Positive, Imaginative, Respectful and having Empathy.  Following on from our motto - "Learning for Life", we are stating that "We are aspirational for ourselves and for others".  Please have a look at the detail of ASPIRE here and please contact me with any questions or comments.

Just a reminder from last week - Please would you avoid parking, waiting or dropping off in Sollam's Close (the road next to the school entrance) - please drop-off or wait further up Brindle Road and ask your son or daughter to walk the additional couple of hundred yards. 

Thanks for your support with uniform - hoodies and piercings have basically vanished.  We aren't changing the uniform policy - just implementing the rules that already exist.

As always, please keep an eye on the school calendar - it contains some "internal" school events as well.  Please note that our "Introduction to GCSE evening" for Year 10 is next Wednesday (2nd October) - the invitation letter is here

Our Career of the Week is "Postman and Postwoman". As advertised last week our weekly student bulletins are now on the website here...

Have a really good week!

James Harris


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