15 September 2019

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16th SEPTEMBER 2019





Communication Focuses




  • Reading widely
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Spelling of subject-specific vocabulary
  • Use of WAGOLLs to model/scaffold (visualisers, mini-whiteboards)
  • Purposeful and structured communication with others


Teaching and Learning Priorities

Climate for learning students will be enthused by their learning and will be focused, absorbed and attentive (DMC).

Vocabulary the words that we use and expect the students to be able to use in context, to succeed in their lives beyond Walton le Dale High School (ACH).

Purposeful Interactions by all if students are communicating, it must be purposeful allow their needs to be met.  Interactions should enhance the learning of ALL students at ALL times (CRO).


This Week:

  • The thought for the week this week is ‘Kindness’ ahead of ‘International Day of Peace’ on 21st September. Assemblies will be led by VHI.
  • Set the standard – persevere with basics and uniform please.
  • Brilliant Teaching and Learning – please continue to think about what you do in the classroom.
  • NQTs – Meetings will commence this week: JMO – Tuesday period 3; RHU – Tuesday period 4; both in RLO’s office.
  • New Staff (incl. JGA) and NQTs – induction CPD Thursday 26th September in conference room: PHO to discuss the pastoral system
  • Are you a ‘nudger’ or a ‘nudgee’? If you have chance, log on to the How2s and explore the quick-fix CPD resources.  Thanks to all those who have activated accounts and who have added comments etc.  Great to see that we are engaging in dialogue about our ‘craft’.

Reflect on Your Practice:

Last year, you couldn’t escape briefing without mini-whiteboards being mentioned.  This year, the assumption is that they are an embedded tool of your practice.  This year, really experiment with how you use and continue to embed them to enhance learning opportunities for our students.


Take it back to basics when you are checking for understanding.  With many of us now using retrieval practice (including quick quizzes) as a staple part of our lessons, why not use the multiple choice format to check your learners’ memory skills? Often, the simplest ideas – the ones that we have used and forgotten – are the best!


Top Tip Schedule

Subject Heads, please ensure that someone from your department is ready to share a ‘Top Tip’ on the designated date. 




Pastoral (PHO)

Computing (DTU)






Pastries and Progress

Open Door Week















CPD Cascade

Reminder: Study Groups

You should have received an email last week about the organisation of Study Groups for this year.  Please make sure that you read it as it has implications for your performance management targets.


Your ‘nudge’ for this week is at the following link or in your inbox.





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