10 September 2019

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Firstly, apologies for the number of texts that you may have received from us on Friday - it is not our intention to bombard you with information.  It is just a very busy time of the school year.

Open Evening is tomorrow (Monday) - this is an important chance for parents and carers of  primary school children to come and see what we stand for.  Many thanks to all the students who are coming back to help in the various areas of the school and, in particular, to the prefects whose role is to show visitors around our school.  Our students are always our best advertisement!  I always urge parents/carers, once they have been to Open Evening, to make an appointment to see around the school "in action".

On a couple of things for this week, please be aware that Year 7s are having "GL Assessments" this week.  They cannot revise for these and their purpose is to give us information about their current level of understanding and any gaps that we may need to address.  Please urge your son or daughter to take them seriously, but not to worry about them - they give us detailed baseline information about each individual in our new intake.  Year 7 have had a really good start, by the way - they seem to be settling into Walton-le-Dale very well.  On a second note, please would you avoid parking, waiting or dropping off in Sollam's Close (the road next to the school entrance) - please drop-off or wait further up Brindle Road and ask your son or daughter to walk the additional couple of hundred yards. 

I have had a few questions from students as to whether we are changing the uniform policy - that isn't the case at all - our uniform is clearly described on the website here.  What we are doing is making sure that it is followed!  Hoodies disappeared this week, which was great, and thanks for your support.  We are focusing this week on insisting that the rule on piercings is followed which is why you have had messages about them over the last few days.  Our uniform policy says "For health and safety reasons no jewellery should be worn in school other than a watch and single stud earrings.  Nose, tongue, face, body studs/bars etc are strictly prohibited as are acrylic nails or similar items."  Thank you for your support in ensuring that this is followed. 

As always, please keep an eye on the school calendar - it contains some "internal" school events as well.  A blog in the next few weeks will look at our Skills Framework "ASPIRE" - you might want to take an early look on the website here.   Our Career of the Week is CAD Technician.  You may have followed our Thoughts for the Week last year - we are just amending the format so the new versions will be out soon...

Have a really good week!

James Harris



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