8 September 2019

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Well done to all our new Year 7s for a really positive first week.  The step up to high school, however good the transition, is always a challenge. They will all be tired so let's hope that they have got some sleep this weekend in preparation for tomorrow.  

Uniform has been very, very good this week - many thanks to all parents and carers for your support with this.  As the school policy on the website says "We believe that the wearing of a school uniform is an important factor in establishing a pride in, and identity with the school, and at the same time minimises social divisions between students." We have not changed our uniform policy in any way (it is determined by the governors of the school), but, under the leadership of Mr Howarth, our new Deputy Headteacher, we are expecting it to be followed.  An area that we are focusing on is the statement that says "Denim, leather, track suit, hooded tops, sweat shirts and other fashion garments are not allowed".  Hoodies are sometimes worn by a small number of students - please be aware that from tomorrow (Monday) we will be strictly following the uniform policy so they will not be allowed to be worn on school site. 

As I said in an assembly on Wednesday, all the evidence that we have says that if students have a positive attitude to their learning and work hard during lessons and outside school then they will succeed.  The latest GCSE results showed this clearly.  As parents and carers, please ensure that your son or daughter is in the habit of studying each evening and at the weekend, whatever their year group.  I am not asking you to teach them, that is our role, but please help us by insisting that they study whilst at home - it is crucial to their success.  There is always a balance between family life, sport and other activities, friends and school work - that will always exist - but independent study has to be a key part of the mix. 

The ethos of our school - inclusive, supportive & focused on developing each individual - is vitally important to us.  Our Open Evening is next week (Monday 16th Sept 6-8pm) so please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested in being part of this very special community.  Please be aware that school will close at 12.20pm on that day to allow for preparation and the school buses will leave at that point.  Many thanks in advance to the families of all the students who are volunteering to come and help on that evening.  Our students are always our best advertisement!

Have a good week....


James Harris



P.S. Year 11 Mentoring Evening is on Wednesday this week from 3.30pm

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