17 May 2019

Amazing to hear Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines MBE speak on Wednesday about her experience of the Holocaust.  A real privilege for Year 8 to hear her and for the school to host her.  We say that the purpose of our school is to provide a great education, including excellent examination results, and that has been brought into focus for me this week.  Our Year 11s (and some Year 10s) have been highly focused on their GCSE exams and their attitude has been excellent, with lots and lots of students taking up our offer of early buses and early morning revision sessions as well as sessions after school. It has also been great, though, to walk around school after 3pm and see Year 9s preparing for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and practising putting up tents, "We Will Rock You" rehearsals and set-building as well as various training activities for different sports and teams.  Our school is about exam success, but also about so much more.

That being said - have you bought your tickets for "We Will Rock You" this week?  It is looking great and it is wonderful to see the number of staff and students involved the production.  Have a look at the trailer (thanks Mr Cassidy!) here.  

We aim to always celebrate the individual successes of our students, in whatever area - congratulations to Grace-Louise and Madison Bontoft on their performances in the Lancashire Open Athletics competition last weekend and to Samuel Cunliffe on his success in kart racing... Please let us know of any individual successes outside of school and we are always happy to post pictures on our website with any details that you give us.  We recognise that many of our students are very talented in all kinds of ways.

Upcoming events - please keep an eye on the calendar.  "We Will Rock You" on Wed 22nd and Thurs 23rd May (this week!). Year 7 Parents Evening is on Wed 12th June - the letter is on the website ....

Our WLD Career of the Week is "Army Officer".  Our Thought for the Week is "Multiculturalism" 

Have a good week ...

James Harris


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