12 May 2019

I hope that everyone is enjoying the sunshine!  It is a welcome change from the cold and wet of the last week.  Year 10 had an excellent attitude to their examinations, particularly given the weather.  It is good to see that more normal May weather has arrived for the start of the major GCSE exams!  As I said to Year 11 on Friday morning, they have worked hard for their success and it it important now to balance sleep and exercise with study so that their brains are sharp for each exam.  On a practical note, please be aware that early buses run from Blackburn and Preston (minibus) on the morning of GCSE exams so that students can get in by 8am for a final revision session with their teachers.  Year 11 know the arrangements.  We will, as always, give them a hot drink and some food on arrival! 

Thanks for your support in reducing the traffic in Sollam's Close - as I said last week, as a community school we are concerned about our neighbours and we have received recurring complaints from residents of Sollam's Close (the cul-de-sac next to the front gate of the school).  A few people are still  turning into Sollam's Close to drop off or pick up students - it would be very helpful if you would drop them or pick them up further down the road and ask them to walk the extra hundred yards or so. 

Upcoming events - please keep an eye on the calendar.  Year 7 Parents Evening is on Wed 12th June - letters will be out shortly.

Our WLD Career of the Week is "Energy Engineer".  Our Thought for the Week is "Christian Aid Week" 

Have a good week ...

James Harris


Posted by James Harris

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