21 February 2019

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I hope that all our students have managed to have a break this last week.  I appreciate that for many parents and carers school holidays can be challenging so many thanks for your support.  There has been a lot of illness over the last few weeks amongst students, staff and families so I hope that the new half-term brings good health to everyone.  We focus on attendance a lot, as you will be aware, because we know that if students are not in school then they are not learning as well as they could be.  The evidence says that if we want our young people to become more intelligent then they need to be in school!  Our job as a school is quite easy to summarise - make sure that young people are in school, teach them really well, support them when they are struggling and encourage them to work really hard....  simple really!  Have a look at the school improvement page on the website for a more formal way of expressing this.

Some regular updates:  

  • School uniform - this should now be correct for all students, please;
  • Recent work with primary schools - it has been great to support Cuerden Church School with their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) week - robotics, science and polar exploration contributions from our staff!  Please also have a look at the website to see news of the St Aidan's Car Project....  Collaboration with other schools is in everyone's best interests - hence our work with the Preston Teaching School Alliance for example.  If you are aware of schools or agencies who want to work with us, please let me know. 

Upcoming events - please keep an eye on the calendar

  • Year 8 Parents' Evening - Wednesday 27th Feb - 4.30 to 7pm (this Wednesday) - letters are on the website here
  • Enrichment Day 4 - Friday 8th March

Our WLD Career of the Week is Sales Manager.  Our Thought for the Week is "Manners".

Have a good week ...

James Harris


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