27 January 2019

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On Friday, as our staff training (INSET) day, all the teachers from Walton-le-Dale joined with other schools from the Preston Teaching School Alliance (www.prestontsa.org.uk/), both secondary and primary, to consider how to improve teaching and learning.  In particular we looked at the importance of literacy and how the ability to read and write determines the future for each of our young people.  It is no exaggeration to say that students who can read and write fluently hold the keys to their future.  

We are very focused on improving teaching and learning, and improving literacy is part of this.  We provide lists of suitable books on our "We are a Reading School" webpage, and we email out "Picture News" each week to encourage reading and talk.  Every subject teaches the key words that they need and we provide plenty of support for those students who find reading and writing difficult.  Please help us by encouraging your son or daughter to read regularly - it is the gateway to their success....  

Some regular updates:

  • Parking - many thanks to everyone who now parks further away from the front of school.  We have received a complaint from a resident of Sollam's Close about people parking on the "residents only" parking so please avoid those spaces when collecting your son or daughter.  If you collect a student from a club or activity later on in the afternoon once school has finished, please use the parking spaces as usual as there is considerable traffic into and out of school until late in the evening owing to the popularity of our facilities.  There is no perfect solution to the parking around school so many thanks for helping us manage the situation sensibly;    
  • Staff appointments - I am delighted to announce that Miss Emma Bailey has been appointed as our new permanent Head of Year 7 from February half-term and that Mr James Gardner has been appointed as 2nd in English from Easter. 
  • Phones - as I mentioned last week phones have become an issue for some strange reason.  I discussed this with the governing body of the school at our meeting on Tuesday and they have directed me to write to all parents and students about the matter - I will do this in the next couple of days;
  • Year 11 Parents' Evening - this is the final formal chance to discuss the individual progress of our Year 11 students so it is very important that we meet with every family.  The date has been advertised since September and the letters have been out for the last couple of weeks. 
  • Shoes - Uniform is generally very smart across the school - just some issues with shoes.  Please make sure that all students are in school shoes (the uniform list is on the website) unless they have a medical condition related to their feet.  

Upcoming events - please keep an eye on the calendar

  • Year 11 Parents' Evening - Wednesday 6th Feb
  • Enrichment Day 3 - Thursday 7th Feb
  • Year 9 Options Evening and Parents' Evening - Wednesday 13th Feb  letters were issued this week

Our WLD Career of the Week is RAF Airman or Airwoman.  Our Thought for the Week is Chinese New Year which is on the 5th February.

Have a good week....

James Harris


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