13 January 2019

Image of WLD Update Sunday 13th January 2019

It has been a good, if busy, start to the term...  

The attitude of Year 8 and 9 to their examinations has been outstanding, particularly as they were straight after the Christmas break - we now wait and see what their results look like!  Year 11 have had their mock results and their mentors will be discussing these with them - the key message (however we say it) is "stay positive, work hard, make it happen...".

In a school like ours a key part of the teachers' craft is to use the very positive relationships which we develop with our students to help them to make maximum progress in their learning.  Academic challenge and rigour are always a bit uncomfortable - "it makes your brain hurt" - but they are absolutely essential.  I am so fortunate to lead a school with a team of teachers, and other staff, who are continually thinking about how to stretch and challenge our young people while, at the same time, supporting them to overcome any barriers that they face.  With this in mind, I am having a good look at homework over the next couple of weeks so please let me know if there are particular issues that you would like to raise.  We are aware that the planner is not necessarily the best way of communicating homework so we plan to review this later in the year - again, your views will be welcome.  

Upcoming events - please keep an eye on the calendar

  • INSET Day (school closed for staff training) - Friday 25th Jan
  • Year 11 Parents' Evening - Wednesday 6th Feb
  • Enrichment Day 3 - Thursday 7th Feb
  • Year 9 Options Evening and Parents' Evening - Wednesday 13th Feb

The image at the top of this update is of one of the pieces of artwork created by our students that was displayed at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

Have a good week....

James Harris



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