17 December 2018

Image of WLD Update Sunday 6th January 2019

Happy New Year! 

I hope that you, your family, and those that you care for have had a good Christmas.  I wish you every success and happiness in the New Year.  Thank you for all that you do, alongside ourselves, to help to develop our young people into mature, responsible, compassionate, intelligent, creative citizens who will make a real contribution to their families, communities and the wider world.  That's quite a grand statement to start with, but New Year is a time to remember our purpose and the reason why a school such as Walton-le-Dale exists.

Our internal school priorities are the same all year - continually improving the quality of teaching and learning and making sure that we are consistent in all that we do.

A few much more "normal" items:

  • Work over the holidays - just like their teachers, all our students will have been doing some work in preparation for the coming term.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging them to work at home - it is a very important part of their learning;
  • Year 8 & 9 exams - these take place this week.  the timetable is here.  Please just check that your son or daughter has the right equipment - black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber;  
  • Year 11 mock results - these will be issued on Wednesday this week and students will have a chance to discuss their results with the colleges;  
  • Shoe/uniform check - as we begin a new term all uniform must be correct.  Shoes, in particular, became a bit of an issue at the end of term - we will be checking them on the first day back.  As always the uniform is described on the website here;
  • Upcoming events - please keep an eye on the calendar
    • INSET Day (school closed for staff training) - Friday 25th Jan
    • Year 11 Parents' Evening - Wednesday 6th Feb
    • Enrichment Day 3 - Thursday 7th Feb
    • Year 9 Options Evening and Parents' Evening - Wednesday 13th Feb


Have a good week....


James Harris



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