9 December 2018

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Enrichment Day 2

Despite the weather, Enrichment Day 2 was very successful, if very tiring!  Some of the pictures are on the website here.

Staffing updates

As most people will know we have a number of retirements of long-serving members of staff during the course of this year.  Mrs Laverty and Mrs Snape are retiring at the end of this academic year in July and will be much missed.  I am delighted, however, to announce that Peter Howarth, currently Assistant Head at Sir John Thursby in Burnley, has been appointed as our new Deputy Headteacher.  He will start at Walton-le-Dale after the Easter break to allow a full handover to take place.  He was an exceptional candidate from a very strong field of applications so I know that he has the capacity to help to move our school forward.  The next stage is that a new SENCO will be appointed in the next few months.  On the subject of retirements, as I have previously mentioned, Mrs Hinchliffe (School Manager and Head's PA) is retiring at Christmas following more than 30 years of service to the school.  I am very pleased to announce that we have appointed Mrs Hodgson (who currently works in the Pupil Office) to take over the Head's PA aspect of that role.

Sometimes staff move on for personal reasons and we are losing two such staff at Christmas.  Miss Eastham has been an excellent Head of Year 7 for the last couple of years and will be much missed, but she has moved to Ulverston in Cumbria and has therefore secured employment nearer to home.  Likewise, Mrs Rayner, who supports many of our students with autism, is taking up a post closer to home for personal reasons.  Jobs at Walton-le-Dale are always advertised on the website here

Year 11 Mock examinations

The attitude of Year 11 to their mock examinations has been outstanding!  This week is the second and final week of examinations.  We have moved the exams from gym to the Sports Hall to give us more space and Year 11 have coped very well with a couple of issues - such as getting the heating right!  All Year 11 will receive their mock exam results as an official results slip in the first few days of next term and these will tell all of us the steps that they need to take to ensure success in the summer.

Year 8 & 9 examinations

Examinations in some subjects for these 2 year groups will take place at the very beginning of next term (as specified in the calendar).  You will shortly receive an email with details and teachers will be informing the students of appropriate revision topics and materials.

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