26 October 2018

Enrichment Day

We finished the last half-term on a "high", with a wonderful first Enrichment Day of the year.  The centrepiece was the very large Careers Fair, which every student accessed, and many thanks to all the colleges and employers who contributed.  It was great to see an ex-student, Daniel Lee, advertising the benefits of high-level astrophysics research!  Year 7 were engaged in the "Real Game", Year 8 were running the Opening Minds Election Day to learn about political viewpoints and democracy, Year 9 had good weather for their initial DofE day (thank goodness!), Year 10 were very focused on essential study skills and Year 11 were preparing CVs and personal statements for upcoming college and apprenticeship applications.  It was an excellent day - many thanks to all the staff who worked so hard to make it a success - often contributing to things that were well outside their normal teaching experience!  Photos are here to give you a flavour of the day, along with the photos here of students working in the school garden to create a memorial to Tim Hindle, which took place that morning.

Promoting our school

It has been a real pleasure and a privilege to show so many parents and carers of Year 6s around school over the last couple of months.  Without exception they have been able to see our school as it is - child-centred, inclusive, calm, happy and purposeful.  I have discussed the Ofsted report with many people and the rapid and focused action that we are taking (https://www.waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk/blog/2018-09-09-13-57-45-school-improvement-planning) - everyone I have spoken to understands that it is a good time to become part of the community at Walton-le-Dale as everyone is absolutely determined to regain our status as a "Good" or better school.  For us, every young person is an individual and will be treated as such, and that care and support is undoubtedly an important reason why we are popular and over-subscribed. 


Please would you remind all our students that they are to remain seated, with their seatbelts on, during the journey to and from school by bus.  Any issues that we get on the buses are related to young people getting up and moving around.  We ensure that when the bus departs they are all sat down, with seatbelts on.  We ban students from using the bus, whether temporarily or permanently, if they are reported for moving around or causing a nuisance. This causes a great deal of expense and inconvenience for parents and carers so please have a word with your son or daughter if they travel by bus. 


Looking forward to seeing everyone back on Monday - I hope that a good break has been had by all, as well as some work getting done!



James Harris


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