16 September 2018

It is Open Evening tomorrow (Monday).... Students will leave school at 12.20pm.  Many thanks to students who coming back in the evening to help - it is our showcase event of the year.  That being said, I know that I will be showing many parents and carers around school over the coming weeks and that is almost my favourite part of the job.  It is certainly the best way to get a feel for Walton-le-Dale - to see it in action.  I would always encourage parents and carers who visit us on Monday to come back and see the school under "normal" conditions.

On Friday we have our rescheduled Sports Day (assuming the weather is ok).  I know that will seem tough to the new Year 7, but they are not involved because it is a rescheduled event from July (when they were not with us).  They will be fully involved in the Sports Day next summer.

The new school year has been really calm and focused, which has been great to see.  I have been in and out of lessons all over school and there is calm, consistent, high quality learning going on.  Consistency in everything we do is our main focus - in particular at this stage in the year it is vital that our expectations of attitude, behaviour, homework etc... are the same across the school.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any issues relating to teaching and learning, or indeed anything else!

Just one or two practical matters:

Buses - we insist that all students wear seatbelts and remain seated during the journey.  We will ban students who fail to observe this as any issues that we get on the buses tend to come from students who get up and move around;

Parking - thank you to those who park appropriately at the front of school.  We put out signs to discourage people from parking immediately opposite and around the entrance to school for the obvious reason that it makes it dangerous for students to cross.  Please help us by parking further down the road.


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Posted by James Harris

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