16 April 2021

Summer Term - 19th April 2021

WoW –

14 April 2021

WLD Update for Parents and Carers - Friday 16th April 2021

Good afternoon, The weather has been beautiful this week and it has been great to see students relaxing on the field at lunchtime.  We have installed a lot of new benches outside which seem to have become very popular! Year 11 update:  I...

14 April 2021

WLD Update for Year 11 Parents and Carers - grades and probable last day in school....

This is the message shared with Year 11 this morning - it will be useful for Year 11 Parents and Carers... The official guidance referred to in the video message is here: Guidance about "leaving dates" for current Year 11 - 

9 April 2021

WLD Update for Parents and Carers - Friday 9th April 2021

Good afternoon, I hope that you have managed to have some kind of a break over this Easter season.  It is good to see plans for life returning to "normal" in some ways with shops opening from Monday and hopefully the weather will continue to improve!  A few...

7 April 2021

Summer Term - 12th April 2021

WoW –...

26 March 2021

WLD Update for Parents and Carers - Friday 26th March 2021

Good afternoon It has been wonderful to see students back over the last 3 weeks and attendance has been very good indeed.  As we reach the Easter break there are a number of practical notices: Returning to "normal":  As we return the...

19 March 2021

Spring Term 22nd March 2021


19 March 2021

WLD Update for Parents and Carers - Sunday 21st March 2021

Good afternoon, Funeral arrangements for Mrs Carrigan:  School closes at 2pm on Monday and school buses will leave at this time.  Students who wish to and whose families have given permission will remain and pay their respects alongside staff as...

15 March 2021

Virtual assembly for Year 11: "Your qualifications - what is happening?"

Good morning, As we await detailed guidance from the examination boards about exactly how grades will be awarded, it is important to inform and reassure Year 11 (and their parents and carers).  This video has been recorded by Mrs McClelland, Head of Year 11, to explain what we...

14 March 2021

WLD Update for Parents and Carers - Sunday 14th March 2021

Good afternoon, It has been a week of mingled joy and sadness.  It has been lovely to see students back in school (despite the shocking weather) and to see them chatting to their friends again.  Most of them have settled back very well indeed.  Our happiness in...

14 March 2021

Spring 2 - 15th March 2021


5 March 2021

Spring Term - 8th March 2021

Teaching and Learning Digest – 8th March...