"Everyone involved with the school should be extremely proud of what they achieve on a daily basis and the emphasis placed on ensuring everyone is nurtured, cared for and included.... This is a school that is constantly looking at ways to develop and evolve for the benefit of its learning community with a mutual respect and care that is evident across the staff body" (IQM Flagship Review July 2020)

Continually improving Walton-le-Dale is vitally important in the interests of our students, staff, families and wider community.  This page sets out the basic principles of our improvement and gives some information about our current progress and priorities.  Should you have detailed questions, please don't hesitate to contact James Harris, Headteacher, at school.  Email is best - head@waltonledale.lancs.sch.uk

A great education, including excellent examination results

Our School Improvement Plan is summarised by this picture.  3 pillars support a great education, underpinned by supportive structures and systems.  


Each area of the picture leads to a detailed action plan, running from 2020 to 2022 currently.  Each plan is led by a senior member of staff and monitored by a member of the governing body as detailed below.  The priorities in each plan are determined by the School Improvement Conference held every 2 years - the latest was in January 2020.

Area of plan Senior member of staff reponsible Link member of the governing body
A great education, including excellent examination results Mrs Withers (AHT) Mrs Clayton
Brilliant teaching and learning Mrs Long (AHT) Mrs Blackledge
Exceptional support for one another Mr Howarth (DHT) Mrs Woods and Mrs Cowell
Consistent hard work Mrs Wall (AHT) Mr Aspinall
Intelligent governance and leadership Mr Harris (HT) Mr Pickup
Supportive adminstration and systems Mrs Eckersley (Business Manager) Mrs Fanner
Well-managed facilities Mrs Eckersley (Business Manager) Mrs Fanner
Commitment to the wider community Mr Harris (HT) Mr Pickup


Each aspect of the plan is reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team during their meetings each week.  Link governors meet with the relevant members of the senior team to discuss progress each term.  

Priorities 2020 - 2022 

Our distinctive ethos is at the heart of all that we do.  This is summarised in the ethos statement on the website and in the key phrases:

•    “Learning for Life”.  
•    “We are aspirational for ourselves and for others”.

Our key priorities are to

•    Improve pupil outcomes – especially for those identified as disadvantaged and those with SEND

•    Improve health, wellbeing, workload and environment for staff and students  

The most important ways of doing this will be through

•    Further improving the quality of teaching, learning, assessment and curriculum

•    Continually working to improve the attitude to learning of our students

•    Developing a culture of professional trust and autonomy based on continuing professional development and open professional dialogue.

Success will be measured by

•    Examination results at the end of Year 11

•    Attendance data

•    Internal and external surveys of staff, students and parent/carers.

For more detail see the documents below

If you would like to discuss these priorities further, please don't hesitate to contact us at school.

School Improvement