At Walton-le-Dale all of us – governors, staff, students and parents/carers - work together to ensure that all our students receive a great education, including excellent examination results.

When we belong to this school community, whether as a member of staff, a student, a governor or a parent/carer we accept that the ethos of the school is the foundation of all that we do.  We accept the Walton-le-Dale ASPIRE values as the way in which all of us seek to work together. 

We accept that the school has policies and rules which are clear, transparent and published on our website. We support them and recognise that the staff of the school have a duty to implement them fairly and consistently.  We know that all our policies and rules are reviewed on a regular basis and that every member of our community can contribute to this if they wish.

Every community has differences of opinion within it.  Where we disagree we will do so respectfully, privately and accepting that we are all working together in the best interests of all our students.

Joining this school community as student, parent/carer, member of staff or governor means that we accept these principles.