At Walton-le-Dale we have taken our vision statement and ethos and worked to identify the key characteristics of students and staff who are members of our community.  We have used the acronym ASPIRE to explain the skills and attributes that we are seeking to develop in our students.  Everything that we do - curriculum, teaching and learning, pastoral care and guidance, learning support, trips and extra-curricular activities - is underpinned by the development of these characteristics. 




I have detailed  knowledge of a range of subjects and topics

I can demonstrate understanding and can apply my knowledge

I am resilient and can use failure as a stepping stone to success

I am digitally literate and can use appropriate technology to communicate effectively

I read, write and speak well and communicate my ideas clearly



I am determined to succeed

I can work independently and think for myself

I am consistently hard-working and stay with problems

My attendance and timekeeping are excellent

I reflect on my learning and plan my next steps



I enjoy what I am doing

I have strong beliefs and principles

I am able to collaborate positively with others

I can show leadership in a range of situations




I am creative, original and innovative in a range of situations

I am thoughtful and consider issues carefully

I am able to solve problems rationally and systematically

I will take risks when necessary to solve problems

I am intelligently curious about the wider world



I show courtesy to everyone

I am polite and use appropriate language when speaking and writing

I am tolerant of the views of others

I care for others, especially those less fortunate than myself

I can manage my own behaviour so that I show self-control in all situations


Having Empathy

I demonstrate emotional intelligence when working with others

I can work well with other people in groups and teams

I appreciate diversity, recognising the contribution of different communities

I am highly inclusive, valuing each individual for themselves.